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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Big Slick Shop Cheesy Trailer

I created this cheesy movie-type trailer for my website, and I will create one just like it for your business. Among many other business services I offer, including, SEO Backlinking, Banner Design, Logo Design and so much more!

I will create a video for your website that you can use to help create that professional feel and you can also upload the video to many networks to get traffic into your site, the cost of one of these videos is only R80, the end product is worth a lot more than that!

Video marketing can be a very lucrative way to get traffic to your website, using a custom business video like this as an introduction or landing page makes the whole gig seem that much more professional.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

6 Steps to Making Money On Auction Site Bidorbuy

This video from Youtube will give go through an easy process containing six steps needed to start making money as a seller on South African auction site start making money on Bid Or Buy today using the steps outlined in the video.

Thanks to Uncle Big Slick

Monday, 25 July 2011

Affordable Banner/Logo Design For Your Online Business in South Africa

Are you looking to start a website? Looking for a custom logo design? Banner design? Business card? Welcome to the world of outsourcing! Outsourcing affordable Web/Graphics and advertising for your website or business, made easy!

Custom Banner Design Examples:

Big Slick Business Solutions are offering professional business services at ridiculously low prices.

They will design 5 variations on a custom logo for you, for just R70! Big Slick Business Solutions definitely provide the most affordable services in South Africa when it comes to web and graphic design.

Logo Design Examples:

Other services they offer include article writing and ghost writing on any topic of your choice! Banner design, business card design, flyer design, SEO services, Social advertising... They have a lot to choose from most of their services come at a cost of less than R100! It's never been easier to get your business online in South Africa!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Free Website Design with! +Free gift from Big Slick

Free Website Design with! +Free gift from Big Slick

Do you run a business in South Africa? You don't have a website? YOU'RE BEHIND!
Free web design, web marketing South Africa
Sad, but that's the truth, but we will offer you something you can't refuse to get you ahead of your competition. Web building masters are offering a special deal for your business, we will build your website FREE OF CHARGE, NO CONTRACTS! All we ask is that you pay R300 to register your new domain. Yes that's right! Just R300 rand and we will build your website aswell as register your chosen "" or ".com" domain name.
Buy this offer through our site and you can choose one of our other Big Slick Business Solutions completely free of charge, these include, logo design for your company, web marketing for your business, social mediabusiness card design or flyer/brochure designCOMPLETELY FREE!

If you decide to proceed and purchase this offer we will contact you back ASAP to proceed with the deal. DON'T MISS OUT, you won't find an offer like this anywhere else.
Free Web Design from Umzala thanks to Big Slick Business Solutions South Africa

Umzala specialize in:

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Introducing Big Slick Online Business Solutions

Do you want to open an online shop? Can't find a reliable supplier for your products? Need advertising? There is now a site that offers it all.

Big Slick Online Shop and Business solutions will blow you away at what they have to offer. They have just launched their online shop. They sell all their products at awholesale price, enabling a customer to market their products and resell them for high margin profits.
Not only will they supply your new business with products to sell, they will also ship it for free to anywhere in South Africa, this means less work for you!
Once your new shop is up and running they will offer advertising and social marketing products to get traffic to your shop! They will even design your company logo and business cards/product flyers, all their services or business solutions are less than R100! A steal compared to some of its biggest competitors.
Who knows maybe you'll be the the proud owner of a new business, thanks again to Big Slick!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Newest Product, Super Cheap Gpad G12 Tablet PC only R1281.00

Awesome Gpad G12 Android pad! Free shipping to South Africa, Great value!

Check out our newest product! The Gpad G12 Android 2.3 Tablet PC

Free Shipping and Dropship service anywhere in South Africa

Detailed Specs:

Color: Black
CPU: Telechips 8902 800Mhz ARM 11
OS: Google Android 2.3
Storage: built in 4GB Memory
TF/Micro SD card extended up to 32GB
Display: 7 inch TFT LCD touch screen, 800*480px
Camera: 1.3 Mega Pixel Camera
GPS: external GPS function (Optional 23USD Provide California, Korea, Brazil Map)
3G: external 3G function( optional 23USD)Pics:Specifications:
CPU: Telechips 8902 800Mhz ARM 11
OS: Google Android 2.3
Storage: built in 4GB Memory
TF/Micro SD card extended up to 32GB
Display: 7 inch TFT LCD touch screen, 800*480px
14mm, ultra slim and stylish design
Camera: 1.3 Mega Pixel Camera
Battery: 3200MAh
Work time: up to 6~7 hours
3G: external 3G function( optional 23USD)
Bluetooth: No
GPS: external GPS function (Optional 23USD Provide California, Korea, Brazil Map)
Support 1080P HD video
Built-in WiFi
3D Games
Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz 0.3A
Output: 5V 2000mA
High-tech of Flash UI supports easy, elegant and colorful sign to touch and control the interface
Office software: support Doc, PPT, Xls and more Office software and applications
Full-format 1080P HD video decoding play
Video format: MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV9, MPEG4-SP, ASF, DIVX, H.263, H.264, RMVB, Mov, Mkv, TS, FLV
Audio format: WMA, MP3, WAV, OOG, AAC, EAAC
Picture format: JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG
Email and Flash digital magazine function
Support Adobe Flash 8 and below play
Interface: USB OTG*2, TF card slot*1, Headphone jack*1, DC jack*1
Material of back cover: Aluminum
Other application: Advanced Task Killer Free, Android Master, Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Camcorder, Camera, Carrom3D Pro , Clock, Custom, Locale, Dead Runner, Dice, Easy Note, Email, ES File Explorer, Gallery, Global Time, Gmail, Hardware Info, Hi MSN, Hungry Shark, InfoDroid, Labyrinth, Maps, Market, MoreGoodNews, Music, Settings, Sound Recorder, Spare Parts, Talk, TouchScreenCabrater , YouTube, QiYi
Language: English, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norweigian, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Greek, Korean, Japaneses, S-Chinese, T- Chinese
Size: 191 x 119 x 14mm
Product weight: 0.39kg
Package weight: 1.365kg
Package dimension: 230 x 168 x 80mm

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Marketing Your New Online Dropship Store

Marketing a new dropshipping website or online shop is a daunting task!

It is a known fact that in order to generate traffic to your website, you will need to appear on the first three pages on google for your given catagories.

Hence, one of the most important things you need to do is FIND YOUR NICHE

Once you have your niche you need to concentrate on SEO. Here are 10 of the top 52 tips on how to optimize your webshop for its turbo-charge rocket ride up the search engine rankings.

Be bold. Use the tags around some of your keywords on each page. Do NOT use them everywhere the keyword appears. Once or twice is plenty.

Deep linking. Make sure you have links coming in to as many pages as possible. What does it tell a search engine when other web sites are linking to different pages on your site? That you obviously have lots of worthwhile content.

What does it tell a search engine that all your links are coming in to the home page? That you have a shallow site of little value, or that your links were generated by automation rather than by the value of your site. Here is an example of deep linking, in this case to my blogspot article called "Marketing Your New Online Dropship Store".

Canada and the UK have many directories for websites of companies based in those countries. Can you get a business address in one of those countries?

Social bookmarking. Make it easy for your visitors to social bookmark your website, creating important links that the search engines value. There are plenty of free social bookmarking widgets available.

Newsletters. Offer articles to ezine publishers that archive their ezines. The links stay live often for many years in their archives. First come, first served. If you must have image links in your navigation bar, include also text links. However, make sure the text links show up first in the source code, because search engine robots will follow the first link they find to any particular page. They won't follow additional links to the same page. You can see this in action at the link to the home page on this web site monitoring page Multiple domains.

If you have several topics that could each support their own website, it might be worth having multiple domains. Why? First, search engines usually list only one page per domain for any given search, and you might warrant two.

Second, directories usually accept only home pages, so you can get more directory listings this way. Why not a site dedicated to gumbo pudding pops?

Article exchanges. You've heard of link exchanges, useless as they generally are. Article exchanges are like link exchanges, only much more useful. You publish someone else's article on the history of pudding pops with a link back to their site. They publish your article on the top ten pudding pop flavors in Viet Nam, with a link back to your site. You both have content. You both get high quality links. (More on high quality links in other tips.)

Titles for links. Links can get titles, too. Not only does this help visually impaired surfers know where you are sending them, but some search engines figure this into their relevancy for a page. Not anchor text. Don't overdo the anchor text. You don't want all your inbound links looking the same, because that looks like automation - something Google frowns upon. Use your URL sometimes, your company name other times, "Gumbo Pudding Pop" occasionally, "Get gumbo pudding pops" as well, "Gumbo-flavored pudding pops" some other times, etc.

Site map. A big site needs a site map, which should be linked to from every page on the site. This will help the search engine robots find every page with just two clicks. A small site needs a site map, too. It's called the navigation bar. See how the second navigation bar at the bottom of Last Minute Florida Villas is like a mini-site map?

There you have it: 10 of the 52 Top SEO Tips. But these tips should help any website significantly improve its rankings.

Dropshipping with Big Slick

The Big Slick Shop

Welcome to We supply South Africans with 1000's of products with free shipping straight from the factory in China at wholesale prices for yourself or your store.
From cellphones, mp3 players, laptops and gadgets to toys, tattoo supplies, lasers and remote control cars. We can supply your dropshipping business with all it's products, at the best price you'll find.

About Dropshipping

What is dropshipping?

Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

Now you are ready to begin the process of owning your own Internet business. Simply complete the following three steps:

Step 1
Choose the items from the online shop which you want to order for your customers.
Market these products on your own website or on an auction website, MAKE SALES!
Step 2
Provide your customer's shipping address.
Step 3
After we confirm the completed payment for your dropship order, we will ship the items directly to your customer.

Dropshipping with enables you to be your own boss with your own Internet business in just a matter of hours. All our inventory is available for dropshippers; simply choose what products you want to sell, and we'll import and ship it for you!

We never include publicity materials or invoices in the packages sent to your customers. employs various methods in order in order to protect the true source of the goods and the price you as the vendor paid for them, ensuring continuous customer loyalty to you.

If your customers experience any technical difficulties, or want to return goods purchased, they must first contact you as the account holder as well as the vendor of their purchased goods.

Please note it is your responsibility as the buyer/dropship vendor to be knowledgeable in all taxes and inform your customers in advance. accepts ZERO responsibility for providing tax information relevant to your customer. However we will do whatever we can to help you minimize the tax burden if you have special packaging/declaration instructions.

To get started, browse our categories, and choose the hottest products you want to sell. When you're ready to start marketing your products.

Happy Dropshipping!

How Dropshipping Works

Customer goes to your website and places an order.

You place the same order on Big Slick Shop and keep the profits.

Customer places and pays you for the order

Big Slick Shop ships item to your customer without your customer knowing it was dropshipped.

About Big Slick Trading

Welcome to Big Slick Trading where we bring the world to you.

We have established a solid long term relationship with our suppliers making our clients' tasks so much easier. We import almost anything for our clients, saving you time and money and letting you focus on your core business.

You don’t need to be a big corporate organization to use our services. We will source the product for you, handle the whole transaction and deliver the products to your doorstep.
You don’t need to use expensive suppliers and struggle to stay alive in our current economic situation.
You also don’t need hundreds of thousands of rands to import through us.

If you wanted to import products you would need to source it first, hope that your supplier is legit, spend loads of money due to the fact that you would need to buy a container filled of your products and hope your forwarding agent knows what they are doing. Then, when everything goes as planned, you will have the bulk products that you will need to store. We eliminate all of the above. Just order what you want at the quantities you can afford and we will do the rest. Our cost is ridiculously low and you will benefit from our service.

Company Profile

Big Slick Trading was established with one executive member. With years of experience in this industry we are leaders in international trade.


We bring the whole world to your doorstep at the lowest prices. With our vast experience, the sky is the limit.

Find and import stock and products for your online shop or web store.